A Moment of Crisis

A 7 year old boy is the first to greet me yesterday morning, shortly after I finish performing the Witnesses drama at the host church.

He looks a little worked up.  Jonathen Swenson Circle

I am thinking maybe one of the more intense scenes in the drama scared him a little. Or maybe he has a new question about God that he wants to ask me. Drama Ministry can make you think new thoughts and ask new faith-related questions. Happens all the time.

So the service is getting out now and people are coming towards my info table to say hello. I can tell this little guy is having a hard time working up the nerve to ask his question to the guest actor and pastor.   

I lean in a bit closer to help him out, and to let him have a little privacy. You know, so he can ask his question quietly.

He looks right into my eyes now, and I can see his forehead is scrunched up. Tears are forming in HIS eyes. This little guy is REALLY out of sorts about whatever it is he is going to discuss with me.

Finally his courage breaks through, he catches an extra breath and asks the big question…

“Do you know where the cookies and Kool-aid are?”

Apparently my display table was located where the coffee and cookies are usually served. A tragic miscalculation in hospitality.

I smile, give him a fist-pump and say, “A man after my own heart”… then point the way to the relocated post-service refreshments.

And once again, I am grateful to be a servant of the Gospel.



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