Your people tirelessly to care for your clients and customers.  Let me care for your team through highly engaging presentations that celebrate, educate, and motivate, making them better able to love and lead well.

Encouraging Everyday Heroes

High Impact, Dramatic Performances for Conferences and Special Events

Transformational Keynotes, Workshops & Retreats

Professional and Practical Leadership Training, Team Building and Group Coaching

Highly Engaging Speaking, Drama, and Coaching

Our Presentations Are Tailored to Suit Christian Business Professionals

Are you a Christian business leader looking to cultivate a healthier workplace and take better care of your employees, yourself, and your clients? I’m excited to offer presentations that are a unique blend of drama and transformational teaching designed to address core needs and promote a culture of loving and leading well in your workplace.

Everyday Heroes

Keynote, Breakout

A creative presentation including 1-3 character monologues and an inspiring interactive and entertaining introduction to the core needs of every person, catered to your organization and the specific demographics of your audience members.



One-actor, yet eight eyewitnesses to Christ share their stories. You’ll laugh, cry and leave with a renewed understanding of God’s love. A fresh and impactful way to tell the story of Jesus.


Survivor Story

Keynote, Breakout

In this deeply personal and very moving presentation, we share our journey with Jana’s two rounds of Breast Cancer. We talk candidly about our fears, struggles, resilience and faith in the midst of it. 

A Deeper Dive: Developing Leaders

1-1 Coaching, Group Coaching
Transformational and interactive coaching and training, digging in deeper to the 7 needs of every human, equipping audience members with tools and practice to meet the needs of their clients and co-workers as well as themselves.

Key Benefits of Jonathan's Presentations

I combine the power of storytelling and experiential learning to create an immersive and impactful experience. Through captivating narratives and relatable characters, I empathize with the struggles individuals face in work environments, exploring the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional toll stress takes on your employees and their ability to love well and lead well.

  1. Empathy: I validate the challenges your employees face, fostering a sense of understanding and connection.
  2. Transformational Teaching: Through compelling storytelling and interactive exercises, I facilitate learning experiences that drive real change.
  3. Core Needs Focus: I help individuals identify and address their core needs, empowering them to take proactive steps towards fulfillment.
  4. Practical Tools: I provide strategies and techniques  that can be applied in daily life.
  5. Cultivating a Healthier Workplace: My presentations inspire a supportive environment that values employee well-being.

Contact us today to book a presentation and start prioritizing the well-being of your team. Together, let’s love well, lead well, and change the world.

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