Honor Your Daisy Award Recipients with a Truly Special Presentation

Registered Nurses are Healthcare Heroes

Make it an unforgettable recognition for the amazing registered nurses who exemplify Extraordinary Compassion, Courage, and Integrity in every situation! These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence in the delivery of patient care so, why not make it a truly special event when you honor them with a Daisy Award. Book professional actor and speaker Jonathan Swenson and let his presentation of “Visiting Hours” show that you see them as the heroes they are! 

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A highly engaging drama, “Visiting Hours” is set in a hospital. This one-actor, five- character drama is affirming, insightful, humorous and deeply moving. Visiting Hours has been described as a “must see” for all caregivers. As a keynote presentation it invites the audience to reflect on the ways each person’s unique gifts come together to bless the whole community. Celebrate your Daisy Award recipients with this special presentation!

Visiting Hours is written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission by Jonathan Swenson.

"Jonathan’s ability to portray many different aspects of the healthcare system is truly amazing. I would highly recommend it."
Noella Lund, Mayo Clinic
Conference Coordinator, Nursing Professional Development
"This changes you as a person and as a professional, and we were very blessed to see it."
Monte Neitzel, Greater Regional Health

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Restoring Purpose and Joy to Weary Professional Caregivers

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Honor your Healthcare heroes with a “Visiting Hours” presentation — a “must see” in any healthcare setting!