Two Kids and a Box

I posted this photo on my Facebook page this morning.


I posted it to celebrate my older daughter, Christina’s 20th Birthday and remembering, fondly the days when she and her sister, Caitlyn, were just young punks running around the house and enjoying life.  Seems like only a couple of years ago… and now my wife Jana and I are nearly empty-nesters.  Time does indeed, fly.

But I noticed something else: There are really only two things in the photo. Well, three things.  Two kids… and a box.

No cell phones. No laptops. No i-pods or i-pads or.. gasp.. anything electronic at all.  And, actually… there are no store-bought games and no latest toy from the latest advertiser-created craze.

2 kids…. and a box.

I think there’s a not so-subtle metaphor and reminder in the photo. Joy in life comes in relationship and simplicity.  Sprinkle in a little unconditional love from a parent, add a friend or two and measure those gifts with a foundation in the love of Christ… and, well… I’m not sure we need much more than that.. do we?

Two kids and a box.  A friend or two… and the love of Christ. Give me that… and…  I think, in the end… I’m good to go. How ’bout you?

Waddya, say my friends? Let’s go find a box.




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