Call Renewed…

Note: I wrote this on my personal Facebook page the other day, and it seemed to resonate with some folks. So… sharing it here as well.  A blessed 2014 to each of you, my friends. May you be renewed in YOUR callings as well.  

Call given. Call answered. Call questioned. Call followed.

Perspiration. Doubt. Hard Work. Bills mounting. Future uncertain.

Monotony of rehearsal turning to terror then elation at a performance somehow delivered, and yet still thinking “what IS this, so small an offering to those who will listen, those who watch.” Peter Character

And yet, a response is given that seems to be .. .no.. is clearly.. beyond anything I had planned or expected… reminding me this is not about me… which is relief…. I hear of thoughts provoked, a burden lightened, perceptions challenged, eyes opened, joy given, prejudice beginning to be removed, tears long-stuck breaking through the dam, now shed, laughter evoked, hope for reconciliation.. with self or others or … walls built long-ago now eroding …

If even for the moment, but hopefully for some, a flicker that will grow to life-long, life-giving flame.

Story-telling wrapped in Performance. Word Given. Truth, I think.. I hope.. Told. Perspective Enlarged. Hopefully. Ideally. Not always but — even if sometimes – worth the effort.

One questions the merit. The legitimacy. Demons rush to cause doubt or depression. Laughing. Distracting. Desiring one to hang up the call and return to lesser than what can be.

Then… A comment given: “This changes everything. Thank-you.”

This comment, even if the ONLY comment, THIS comment is enough to strengthen to do this again. And to create more. And to continue to follow the call, crazy thought it may seem.

So, moving forward… another year. Here we go.



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