“Can’t text right now. This is really good!”

– Confirmation Student’s Tweet


A home-run event for our church! People continue to talk about it, weeks later.”

– Rev. Eric Hulstrand, ReaLife Church, Bloomington, MN


Written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission, Witnesses is an innovative, humorous and deeply moving re-telling of the Gospel.  In this dramatic and very intimate performance, Jonathan portrays eight different characters (historical and imagined) as each responds to Jesus.  Through the eyes of these characters, both comedic and serious, the audience is challenged to see Jesus from fresh perspectives – not cold and distant, but as one who was intimately involved in the nitty-gritty of life.


Witnesses is great for any size or type of event, including:


-Youth & Family nights


-Kick-off events


-Capital campaigns

-Church Anniversaries





Jonathan will also lead a brief “Q&A” discussion time, after the program, if that is desired.


The presentation runs 50 to 70 minutes, depending on your ministry needs, and can be performed in a variety of settings with minimal set-up or advance preparation.


To bring “Witnesses” to you, fill out the form below, or contact Jonathan


Jonathan Swenson

Phone: (319) 431-9934

Email: jonathanpswenson@gmail.com

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