To the Healers.. the Nurses and Doctors and First Responders… and the chaplains and pastors .. and social workers and the people who clean the room when the patients have gone home…

or gone HOME.

To those who put their lives on the line every day… and have for the past two years…
at first thanked….now taken for granted, perhaps… by some ….

Or worse yet, mocked or stripped of your education and training and area of expertise… your knowledge that could help… denied….. when someone rudely and immediately dismisses your attempts to help.. and even treats you poorly for offering it.

Thank You… for continuing to love.. and for serving .. and SAVING….even those who have not loved you back.

I know you are tired. Exhausted. Frustrated. It must be maddening.

But there you are.. showing up to work, still, each day.

Thank you for your servant-hearted love during these crazy times.. and lest we forget, during what we used to be known as “normal” times as well.

You. Are. Heroes.

And many of us (I hope MOST of us) … still notice.

So….I will say it again: Thank-you..

May God sustain you and keep you strong in the battle.