A Word to the College Student as Finals Draw Near

I just sent this verse to my daughter this morning, to help her with the increasing end-of-the-college-year stress and the final push to finals.  IMG_1439

Such a stressful time for college students. Perhaps you would like to share it with the college student in YOUR life in the weeks ahead as well.  Here it is…

“Then they took the stupid final and got it over with. It wasn’t so bad after all. And all the people agreed that finals are stupid and whoever invented them is a big poopy-head. They forever banned the “Final” in the land of Israel. And there was much rejoicing.” I Chronicles 4:67

Okay… I suppose It MIGHT be helpful to note that this is NOT an actual verse in the Bible. But I thought it sounded pretty good.. so I made it up. No authority from God whatsoever. But perhaps therapeutic.

Hang in there college students. God IS with you. You CAN DO this!