A Packer Fan

I was humbled by an 8-yr old Packer fan this past Sunday.

I am a die-hard “purple-people-eaters” Vikings fan.  But there she was…. standing by the Paraphrase Theatre merchandise and info table… and she asked her mom if the small box at the table was for the offering to support the actor who was at church that morning.

Packers MemeHer mom said yes… and then, I watched this cute little Blondie.. in her Packer-jacket-glory… take two one-dollar bills out her pocket, carefully unfold them.. and place them in the box. I told her, “Oh, sweetheart.. you don’t need to do that! You can keep your money!” And she said, “I want to. I want other people to see you do your plays.”

Wow. Humbling… so sweet.. and a reminder that God is very much present… often in unexpected places and moments. And yes, most certainly… in the heart of a certain little Packer fan this past Sunday.