The Moment

I think a lot of my non-Christian friends would love Jesus, if they met him. And I think a lot of my Christian friends might be surprised by who He is, when they do meet him, face to face, one day. I will be too. I have no doubt.  10494933_10154349376585711_6881386430041141523_o

I am guessing the whole “meet Jesus in Heaven” moment is going to stun all of us. Whatever box we’ve put God in… and whatever pre- or mis-conceptions we have, Jesus will surprise us all.

I think there might be some fear at first. Who are we to think there would not be? And then there will be a welcome love beyond anything we have ever known here on earth. Even the best of welcomes. A “flood of welcome.”

And more “life-per-second” than anything we have experienced thus far. An overwhelming sensation of being… ALIVE.

Reality and accountability too. An honest look-back at our lives, but with a driving force that looks to the future, not to the past. Accountability bathed in forgiveness. A radiant soul-penetrating forgiveness that does not deny the truth but immediately — after acknowledging — rushes in with an avalanche of grace.

And yes, this too: A transforming love. An “it-all-doesn’t-really-matter-as-much-as-I-thought-it-did-and-in-fact-I-am-not-even-sure-I-need-answers-to-the-most-intesnse-and-bitterness-filled-or-heartbreaking-of-questions-that-I-was-waiting-to-ask-God-when-I-got-to-this-moment” kind of heart-searing love.

What a moment that will be.

A little scary.

Out-of-this-world intense.

A whole lot of awesome.