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Press Release

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Witnesses Press Release



Witnesses Poster 8.5×11

Witnesses Poster 8.5×11 Gray Space

Witnesses Poster 11×17

Witnesses Poster 11×17 Gray Space



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Witness-Promo-Postcard DOCX COLOR 

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Program Templates

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Witnesses Program PDF COLOR

Witnesses Program PDF BW



Witnesses Program DOCX COLOR

Witnesses Program DOCX BW


Feel free to use this handout as-is, or you can incorporate it into your regular bulletin and announcements.


I also request that you still use a small portion of the bio information I provide as well as an acknowledgement that the material is written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission. (No audio or video recording is allowed, by the way, unless permission is given, by me, ahead of time. This is Curt’s copyrighted material and we want to be sure to honor him.)


If we are cutting any characters for any reason, please make sure to make the appropriate changes in the program.


Pictures and Logos

May be used on posters, bulletins, postcards, etc. to promote your event.

Witnesses Characters - White BkgrdWitnesses Characters - Black bkgrdWitnesses Characters - BW MixParaphrase_Theatre_LogoJonathen Swenson Circle Witnesses BW text logo


Barabas on Chair Detroit ExtravaganzaAbe Detroit Extravaganza