Hosting An Event

Thanks for considering hosting an event. I have designed the presentations I give to be extremely user-friendly for my hosts. Very little work is required on your end, yet a professional and spiritually uplifting experience is enjoyed by all. If you schedule a booking I will send you a variety of files to download various pr tools (posters, inserts, press release, photos, video clips) to help you promote your event efficiently and effectively.
Abe in the Crowd
On the day of the event I will arrive at your church, theater, hotel, camp or other venue… and bring nearly every thing needed for the drama. I usually arrive between 2 and 3 hrs before the start of the event. Upon arrival I will set my things up in about 45 minutes and then meet with your tech person to discuss sound and lighting notes.  (I use a VERY simple format that works in any setting…even if you only have an “on and off” switch!)
FEE INFORMATION: If you would like information on my fees or availability, please fee free to contact me at  (or, OR call me at 319-431-9934. I will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way.
Common times for these presentations include Sunday mornings, afternoons or evenings; Wednesday night youth and family nights; Weekend outreach events or retreats and more.
Tailor from AboveI am also available as a guest speaker, preacher, emcee or presenter. I also lead retreats and workshops on such topics as effective drama ministry, marriage and family topics, youth lock-ins, retreats, etc. I have spoken at national youth gatherings, marriage retreats, banquets, fund-raisers and more. I would be happy to discuss your event with you to see if we would be a good match for each other.
NEED HELP PLANNING A RETREAT OR LOOKING FOR LEADERSHIP FOR YOUR ENTIRE RETREAT OR EVENT? We can discuss that as well. I have a partner who can join me for worship leadership, music, etc… and together we make a good team for these events.
I look forward to hearing from you! 
+ Jonathan Swenson