Hard Times, Good Times…

A year ago, I was reeling… having just watched my mother die at the same time that my wife was entering her second round of Breast Cancer, fighting the good fight. I plugged away, last summer, by God’s grace.. but it was a very, very difficult time.

Sometimes life is like that.

This morning, I wake up to a flood of praise for an awesome God who has taken me through that storm and brought me to a place of great blessings this summer. What an incredible weekend…

* The Summer Staff at Mount Carmel wrapped up an awesome first week of training. They are fun, excited, on-fire for the Lord and can’t wait to meet our guest campers. I am SO grateful that God has put together this awesome group of young adults. They are going to ROCK Mount Carmel this summer.

* My laptop finally got fixed. And there was much rejoicing. 

* I read the unbelievable reviews for dear friends back home who opened what sounds like an incredible production of Les Miserables at Theatre Cedar Rapids. So happy for them. So grateful to live in a community where the Arts are celebrated and valued so highly. And so thankful to have such gifted friends who share the love of all things theatrical and heart-moving.

Caitlyn at the Chocolate Hous

* Got to see Blondie #2 on the job at the Chocolate Haus in the Amanas. She looked SO cute and so at home in that setting, serving up the goodies. If I was an Amana tourist, I would make frequent visits just to see that smile behind the counter. (Proud Papa)


* Performed Witnesses at the SE IA Synod Youth Conference, Love Like Jesus. Loved talking with the kids and adults afterwards. Always very meaningful to hear how God uses this drama to touch lives. So grateful God has given me this life-giving, joy-filled, passion-connected calling.

Christina and J and J GMAS MARATHON

* Joined my amazing wife, one-year out from her second round of Breast Cancer and doing GREAT … as we watched Blondie #1 kill it at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth. (Proud Papa, once again. And proud and thankful Husband!)

* Returned to Mount Carmel… and woke up this morning, ready to worship an awesome God in a setting surrounded by lakes, trees, and the peace of nature’s beauty. Hints of Heaven.

God is very good, my friends. Hard Times, Good Times… He is in it all.

So grateful.